We Can Customize What You Want​

April Scientific provides customized organic synthesis services based on customer R&D needs.

Material Types:

Mainly focus on MOFsCOFsorganic small molecule compounds & Polymers. 

Including chemical intermediate materials, functional additive materials in various fields, optoelectronic functional materials, pharmaceutical small molecule materials, etc.


We have more than 15 years of organic synthesis experience.

We has the ability to search for literature, synthetic design, synthetic manufacturing, purity refinement, and quality analysis.


1. Customer customized message: Compound structure or CAS No./Purity/Quantity

2.April Scientific synthesis evaluation and quotation

3. After confirmation, proceed to synthetic materials

4. April Scientific synthesis & delivery: COA, LC, NMR, BET or SEM inspection report…etc.

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Let us help you accelerate your R&D.

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